The first quarter of 2019 employee birthday party was solemnly held

                In order to let employees have a warm, happy and meaningful birthday and feel the warmth and care of Li Wei, Li Wei New Energy held a grand birthday party for employees in the first quarter of 2009 on April 18. "Happy work, happy life". Li Wei brings you different birthdays and different touches.


                As soon as they enter the birthday venue, the longevity stars see the warm wall of wishes at the first sight, and are brought into the situation instantly. They write down their birthday wishes and blessings one after another.

                Under the guidance of the organizer, we picked up our mobile phones one after another to express our gratitude to the parents who gave their lives by Wechat.


                There is a couple who have been with Liwei for more than ten years. They grew up together with Liwei. They were more fortunate to spend their birthday in Liwei in 2019. The man personally sent flowers to his wife to express his sincere love and wish them happiness and companionship forever.


                Happy birthday! Let's make a wish and share the cake. A cake represents a collective, a shining candle, like a beating heart, the heart is wonderful because of the collective, the collective is proud of the heart.


                In such a happy occasion, how can we get less interactive games? In the process of playing games, we not only harvest happiness, but also cultivate the tacit understanding of cooperation among colleagues, and push the atmosphere of the scene to a climax.



                It is the lottery link that ignites the spot explosion point. Everyone of the longevity stars has a prize. Whether it's a big prize or a small prize depends on luck. Look at all the colleagues who won the lottery. Good awards represent good omens. Happy birthday, happy work and happy life to the birthday stars!


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